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Kanta Laga Tony, Neha Kakkar Yo Yo Honey Singh Song Funny Memes Getting Viral Over Twitter


Hey! music lovers hope you all must be vibing on Tony Kakkar’s latest song named “Kanta Laga” which was recently uploaded on Desi Music Factory’s Youtube channel on 8th of September 2021. Well, there is no doubt Tony Kakkar’s pen always gives such songs where lyrics get more popular as rather than music talking about his one of the hit songs so that Coca Cola Tu…, Dheeme Dheeme, Shona Shona or whether it is his latest Number Likh Number Likh.

kanta laga honey singh

However, the singer is one of the most successful outsiders in the music industry who has gripped Bollywood as well but there is the dark side of his song’s fan base which is always keen to criticize him no matter what the song is going to be and how the music is going to force people to groove on it. People have marked him as a singer who is going to give the best funny or just unbearable lyrics but despite being criticized the singer is still just un-beatable because people make fun of his lyrics but on the other side everyone listens to him and makes reels and TikTok as well. This is the same singer who has given so many blockbusters at the time of the beginning of his carriers such as Khuda Bhi, Saawan Aaya, Wada, and plenty more others but why people are making fun of him? this is the most popped question in everyone’s mind who hear him for the very first time and then looks at the comment box.

Well, not talking about criticism against him, here we are here and still talking about him but this time his latest blockbuster is called “Kanta Laga”. This time Tony Kakkar did not gather the criticism against him but he also dragged legendary singer among youth the only Yo Yo Honey Singh though some of the people are also saying that due to Yo-Yo this song is surfacing on the trending list because just to listen his rap people are hearing the song where nothing is special has penned down by Tony because in the complete song there is only one line you will be hearing and that is “Kanta Laga Uui Maa Uui Maa Uuu”… However, this is the hook of this song but people are making fun because how can a song sound like Uui Maa Uui Maa Uuu.

Tony Kakkar’s Latest Song Kanta Laga featuring Neha Kakkar and Yo Yo Honey Singh is hitting the milestone because the song was just uploaded and in a single day, it has been to number 1 on the trending chart worldwide which is just an expected thing because of Honey Singh’s rap as Yo-Yo army must listen to it for more than 50 times. Most of the big celebs are congratulating Anshul Garg, Tony and Neha Kakkar, and Honey Singh for the song despite being in the swim of comment box everywhere. Stay tuned with us to get more musical updates and share your opinion that how hard this Kanta touched your soul.


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