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Kanta Prasad (Baba Ka Dhaba) Attempts Suicide Social Media Flooded With Trolls Memes Reactions


Sometimes fame overnight becomes the enemy of your hard work and patience if you run out of your profile. Though it should not say, the same thing we have seen with the owner of “Baba Ka Dhaba” Kanta Prasad. As we all know that YouTuber Gaurav Wasan helped him due to his lack of sales and after the video uploaded by Gaurav, people went crazy to help Kanta Prasad because nobody wants to see him crying. Recently the owner of Baba Ka Dhaba commit suicide and now his situation is very critical.

Baba Ka Dhaba

80 years old Kanta Prasad who is running a food stall in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar along with her wife Badami Devi, admitted to Delhi’s Safdarjung hospital after he took sleeping pills along with alcohol due to which he fainted and went unconscious. According to police reports Kanta tried to commit suicide, however, the reason behind this is still not cleared therefore the investigation is still going on by Delhi Police.

This is not the first time when we saw something like this (Fame Overnight). People felt that Kanta Prasad is really not getting what he deserves to hence people of Delhi and other states came to him to help but this made him crazy, due to which he filed a case of cheating against Gaurav Wasan the Youtuber who helped him. The case gave more hype to Baba Ka Dhaba but after some time the case went blurred. The other news came that Kanta Prasad is opening a restaurant which also gave him too much publicity and Kanta became the star, but after some time, the would-be owner of the restaurant get back to his stall as he stated that, “it costs very expensive to own a restaurant, which I can’t afford”, later on, Kanta has seen back to his food stall.

A couple of years ago we saw a lady singing on a railway platform, someone made a clip of her singing which went viral on the internet, after some time, one of the great music directors of Bollywood industry gave her a chance to sing with him that made her overnight star but as usual, she was unable to bear the stardom and soon got disappear from the industry nowadays not even her news is coming. Stay tuned to know more about Baba Ka Dhaba and hit the comment box if you know whom we talk about in the last paragraph.


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