Home General News Karachi: Law Student Azhar Killed By Alleged Robbers

Karachi: Law Student Azhar Killed By Alleged Robbers


A shocking piece of news is coming forward. It is reported that a student of a law college was killed in robbery resistance. The incident took place in the Korangi area of Karachi. The law student was reportedly killed in a car by the robbers in the presence of his father. Needless to say, the incident has shaken everyone to the core. No one seems to believe the fact that such kinds of incidents can happen to a student in broad daylight. Without any further ado, check the details of the matter in the article below.

Karachi Law Student Azhar Killed By Alleged Robbers

Karachi: Law Student Azhar Killed By Alleged Robbers

According to the reports, the terrifying incident happened near Korangi No. 5 where the robbers were reportedly riding a motorcycle. The robbers went on to try to snatch cash and other valuable things from the young boy and his father. While trying to snatch things from them, the robber even fired at the father-son duo as they resisted his actions. Well, unfortunately, it resulted in the law student getting killed while his father also sustained life-threatening injuries.

His condition also seems to be critical. Officials have identified the deceased law student as Azhar while his father was Maqsood Akhtar. It is also coming forward that the horrifying incident also injured a man who was sadly passing by. The passerby has been identified as Osama. He also sustained several injuries and get himself treated in a nearby hospital. When the incident was happening, people around the area gathered on the site and tried to get hold of the robbers who were attempting to escape.

It was really saddening to learn that the incident ended up killing one person while injuring two others. Locals gathered at the scene and pursued the escaping robbers, murdering one of them instantly while the other managed to escape. When a student from NED University rejected a mobile snatching attempt on University Road on Thursday, he was shot and killed by street criminals earlier in the day.

University student Bilal Nasir, 21, was reportedly seated at a hotel next to the school’s main entrance when two armed guys on motorcycles rode up and attempted to steal his cell phone, according to Bol News.¬†While he was with his buddies at a tea shop close to the campus, Bilal attempted to attack the robbers with a chair. The victim was a final-year student at NED University of Engineering and Technology studying petroleum engineering. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates!


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