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Karthika Deepam 15th July 2021 Latest Updates: Mounitha Files Complaint Against Deepa’s Family


The recent episode of Karthika Deepam will start where Roshni says that the case is too complicated and she did not see any guilt in Karthik’s eyes, even his wife trusts him a lot. Meanwhile, says unless she solves the case she will never leave it, Mounitha nods her head and Roshni replies that she wants to get justice for her so that, their baby gets the father’s name. But she clears everything by saying that if they are wrong so they will get punishment and if she finds Mounitha wrong so she will get punishment for sure.

Then Deepa calls Karthik for food but he refuses to eat by saying that when he will get hungry he would eat. But Deepa says there is no need to tell a lie because she knows everything that he is thinking about the case. Then Deepa says starving is not a solution, so just take some peace of mind, and says that he should go back to his house with children. Karthik asks her to go with them but she says after finishing work she will join them for sure.

Karthika Deepam Written Episode

After that, Adithya recalls Karthik’s wording and meanwhile, Sharavya asks him to bring milk powder, but he gets frustrated. Shravya asks him the reason behind his frustration, meanwhile, he unleashes everything in front of her that Deepa asked him to not unleash anything in front of their father. Then he leaves to take his father from the airport and Sharavya gets worried about it, another side, Roshni takes Priyamani to her office for interrogation.

Then Priyamani gets afraid because Roshni warns Priyamani that if she does not reveal the truth so her constables will beat her. She gets queasy and says that she is ready to reveal everything, and wonders that she should make a call to Mounitha before saying anything. Then Mounitha arrives there and says where Priyamani went, at the same time, Bhagyalakshmi comes to Mounitha’s residence and Mounitha starts shouting at her but Bhagayalakshmi starts finding something.

Later, Mounitha tries to make her stop and asks why she came here Deepa asks her did she file the complaint against them, Mounitha replies yes by saying that if she does not get justice so she will take more steps against her family. Deepa makes her understand that Karthik is married and has a child despite this, how could she made such a blunder with him, so do not miss to stream it at the correct time, and for more updates stay connected with us.


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