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Karthika Deepam Latest Episode 14th July 2021: Verbal Clash Begins Between Mounitha & Bhagyalakshmi


The coming episode of Karthika Deepam begins where Deepa makes ACP Roshni familiar with her family and mentions that they both are separated for 10 years and remove all the misunderstandings between them. Meanwhile, she says that how could he made a mistake when they met each other again, and why has not happened in the last 10 years. Spontaneously, Roshni asks does she feel that he did not make any mistake, at the same time, Deepa says that she can not trust her at any cost.

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Then she unleashes that Mounitha has arrived here just for only informing them about her wedding with Karthik. On another side, Karthik comes back to the house along with the children but gets shocked to see Police Jeep. Then Deepa and Adithya come with Roshni and but she urges her to not say any word in front of their kids. Roshni assures her that she will not say any work which will affect their kids, meanwhile, Karthik greets Roshni and goes inside.

After a while, Mounitha also reaches her house and finds Priyamani spontaneously she sees Bhagyalakshmi on her bed and gets shocked. Then she enters and asks her to leave her room and meanwhile, shouts Priyamani’s name. Bhagyalakshmi informs her that she went to bring Biryani and at the same time, she dishonors Mounitha by her words. So that, everyone will get familiar that she git pregnant before the wedding, but it does not affect Mounitha at all, even she smiles and sends her outside from the house.

Later, Bhagyalakshmi says to Murali Krishna that she did not get that person who made Mounitha pregnant and she worried about Karthik. Bhagyalakshmi also supports Karthik and says that without knowing the truth they can not blame Karthik for this. On another side, Mounitha sees Roshmi while working and asks why she did not appoint any workers, she replies that she has workers but she does not have any cooks. Meanwhile, Roshni unleashes her conversation with Deepa.

Then Mounitha says that she is a victim and carried his baby but Roshni asks her to keep the kid away from this matter. Mounitha says that whenever she goes their they make unite and insults her hence, she came here for justice. The Roshni says that she is getting late for making food but Mounitha asks her to pays some attention to this matter. So do not forget to watch it on Star Maa at 07:30 PM and for further information stay connected with us.


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