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Karthika Deepam Written Episode 22nd October 2020: Soundrya Asks Hima


Hello, all the entertainment lover, we all know that Karthik Deepam is giving you a satisfied amusing amount with its immense voltage drama. The best thing about the show is it very well known that how to channelize the drama with the story. The perfect amount of drama takes the engagement of the show next level. This is considered one of the major reasons behind this huge success of the show. Apart from its the second major reason for the triumph of the show is its outstanding performance of its lead cast.

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Well, now in the latest episode of the show we’ll watch that Karthik says that he is the sole culprit of her daughter as he didn’t know for so long that Soundrya is his daughter. While Soundrya asks Hima that if you are saying separate from each other then don’t try to imagine other things. Karthik says that they are blaming him for all the wrong deeds. He further says that he is afraid of face Hima. The irritating behavior of Karthik makes Soundrya cry.

Later, Sourya and Hima seeing the pictures of Karthik and Deepa than recalls that she got aware that Hima is her sibling. Hima says that a day previous she was thinking that she doesn’t have any kind of relation with them but today she gets to know that they are her family members. Sourya interrupts Hima to not to talk in such a tone. Hima asks Soundrya as she doesn’t have any kind of question on this as she is the daughter of Doctor Babu. Soundrya replies that you are also his daughter. Hima further asks why didn’t she got the feeling that she never feels like Karthik as her father. Sourya says that she doesn’t have an answer for this.

Hima again asks something which she doesn’t suppose to ask, on this Sourya says that he should mind her words as Doctor Babu lover her as well. She further says that it hurts him when she gets rude to him. Sourya talks in mind that why it bothers her that Hima is her twin. Hima again says that she needs an answer, Sourya replies that she doesn’t take her as an outsider. Deepa along with Sourya all set to leave the place, but Soundrya requests them to leave. Meanwhile, Karthik comes and Deepa says that time to leave has arrived. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest Karthik Deepam written episode updates.


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