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Keira Kagan And Robin Brown Found Dead: Was the case suicide or murder?


How can a father ad husband do this behavior like this to her daughter and wife? The husband was punished by his Karma but we are saddened for the daughter who also died because of him. yes in the beginning they could not understand how she died and his father. They don’t understand what would happen if the girl was who dead was found with his father’s body. Her mother wipes her tears and shares her daughter’s story so she could warn other people and does alert all who are experiencing this and experienced this. She wants to spread awareness due to issues like this. To know more scroll down the page and continue to read.

The person we are talking about is the mother and wife of her dead daughter and ex-husband. She shares the story that how she discovered her dead daughter with the near-dead body of her father. The daughter whose name was Keira Kagan and 4 years old was discovered next to her father’s body in a Milton, Ontario conversation area in February 2020. A provincial commission concluded that it was extremely consistent with other father-and-child murder-suicide instances. Follow us to know more details about this.

Keira Kagan And Robin Brown Suicide Or Murder?

Keira Kagan and father robin bron found dead

Kegan is the mother of Keira who had been engaged to Robin. Robin was her ex-husband and they are fighting with each other to take custody of Keira. Kagan share that his ex-husband use domestic violence and abused her. Jennifer and Philip Viater, Keira’s stepfather, spent years pressuring politicians to bring about change. Her mother said that she was a unique and kind girl. Everyone wants to like her daughter. According to the reports, The girl leaves everyone in shock and devasted when they see her dead body next to her father’s dead body and people assume that it could be a suicide case but it was not confirmed at that time.

In an interview, Keira’s mother said that the Jewish family offered to file a legal petition demonstrating that Kagan needed protection from her father. After this two days later they died Robin and her daughter.  The girl’s death become suspicious and they all just waited for Autospy’s reports of her. However, other information is not revealed related to the girl Keira but it is confirmed that she died because of dense force trauma to the head. Police also find the multiple risks factor for domestic violence in Kerias’s Father. Follow us for more updates and stay with the social telecast.



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