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Kerala Lottery Pournami RN-436 Result Live Numbers Available Here 2-8-2020 Today’s Winner List


Good afternoon to all our readers did you checked the BR-47 Kerala lottery result. If your answer is yes then tell us whats your results and if your answer is no then, be with us we will provide you all the information about the BR-47 Kerala lottery result. We assure you that to all our readers on this page you will find the correct results of the Kerala lottery. we sure that after reading this you will not go any other page to check the result of the Kerala lottery. If you have a problem having Kerala lottery results and don’t find any result we request you to refresh our page and find the correct results.

BR-47 lottery result will be revealed in a while. Till refresh our page to find the result. The lottery result will be published at 2 PM and the full results of winners will be uploaded at 2:30 PM. Many of the public of Kerala invest in the lottery and being rich and spends their money on dreams. If you are taking risk for the first time, we wish you the best luck and believe in yourself. Please match your ticket number with the results carefully for becoming rich.

kerala lottery result

BR 74 Kerala Lottery Result first winner will get 75 Lakhs. The consolation prize you will get is 8,000. The second winner who wins the lottery will get 10 lakh and the third winner of the lottery will get 1 lakh. The fourth winner of the lottery will get 2,000 and the fifth winner of the lottery will get 1,000. The sixth, seventh, and eighth winners of the lottery will get 500, Rs 200, and Rs 100. We prefer you to try at once.

Kerala Lottery Today’s Result

BR-47 Kerala lottery results will be published at 2 PM on 1st August 2020. You can check the results online and offline at Gorky Bhavan Near Bakery Junction Thiruvananthapuram.

  • First Winning Prize: Rs 75 Lakhs
  • Consolation Prize: Rs 8,000/-
  • Second Winning Prize: Rs 10 Lakhs
  • Third Winning Prize: Rs 1 Lakhs
  • Fourth Winning Prize: Rs 2,000/-
  • Fifth Winning Prize: Rs 1,000/-
  • Sixth Winning Prize: Rs 500/-
  • Seventh Winning Prize: Rs 200/-
  • Eighth Winning Prize: Rs 100/-

Now, let’s come to the prize money if your winning amount is less than 5,000 then your prize money will be available on any lottery shops in Kerala and if your winning amount is greater than 5,000 and you are the lucky one who going to be rich, go to bank or government lottery office with your tickets and identification proof to claim your prize within 30 days of results.

You are still thinking? Lakhs of people of Kerala participated in this lottery and have won massive amounts and if you think about the cost you have to spend in the lottery it is only 30 to 100 rupees and just think if you win the lottery then your 30 rupees will turn to 80 Lakhs. So, now we don’t feel that you need to give it a second thought. Go and buy tickets and live like a legend and lastly don’t forget us after being rich, read our other articles, and refer others as well. For more updates follow social telecast and stay tuned with us.


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