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Kerala Man Killed In Sudan Crossfire: Killed By Stray Bullet Amid Clashes In Sudan


Here we are going to share some breaking news with you. You can hear about this news on social platforms and television channels also. We are going to talk about the clashes between the Sudan army and the paramilitary force. This is extremely shocking for every person. You will also the clash is began on Saturday. In this clash, 56 people died and 500 people get injured. This is a really bad clash faced by the innocent people of Sudan. We have to share all the information with you. Read for more following details.

According to the information, in Kerala, a man was killed by a stray bullet as the Sudan army, and paramilitary forces clash. Yes, you can hear right. This clash began because of the heightened tension created in democracy. This clash is so dangerous to the the Sudan’s people. In this clash, people lost their homes and families. This fight erupted early Saturday. The people are scared after hearing the heavy noises of firing. They run away from their home to save themselves. People are in bad condition during this clash between the army and the paramilitary forces.

Kerala Man Killed In Sudan Crossfire

Kerala Man Killed In Sudan Crossfire

According to the reports, The medical treatment of injured people was going on. The doctors of Suden are said clearly. This battle is extremely horrible. As per the state, The Sudan army started airstrikes on the paramilitary forces. In Sudan, the area was full of ”Fire and Explosion.” The big news comes from this incident, There was no official announcement announced by the International Airport of Khartoum that the airport was closed. This is very depressing news for all the people.

After that, the man was killed in this clash. An Indian National claims that they provide all the facilities to the victim’s family. In this situation, the victim’s family is in depression. They lost their family member. They were the only bread earner for their family. The clash was stooped and the result of this has come.

The RSF controlled the Sudan situation. This clash is closing its land border with Sudan. We will never forget this clash. We really feel bad for the people of Sudan. We wish all is getting normal in Sudan as soon as possible. And we can also wish the government provided all the facilities to the injured or dead people’s families. We can share all the information about this incident. Follow for more information.


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