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Kerala Man Sets Co-Passenger on Fire After Argument Inside Train, Case Details


Today we are going to tell you about the dreadful news of the argument case which causes created fearfulness and trepidation in the citizens once again. what happened and why are people in great fear and where did this happen? we all give you information related to this case to know more about this case please continue to read.

Kerala man

As you can see as time passes people have no control over themselves they get irritated and frustrated, and even did arguments about small things, as you always read many accidents happen due to these things which create fear in citizens. This case is also like one which creates anxiety and fear in the people which happened in Kerala. Kerala man sets co-passenger on fire after an argument inside the train. This Incident happened on Sunday Night around 10 pm inside the D1 compartment of the Alapphuza- Kannur Executive Express Train.  Eight people sustained burn injuries after a man set his co-passenger on fire following an argument inside a moving train near Elathoor in Kozhikode in Kerala.Tree dead bodies were found on the Railway track which belongs to same family at a distance of 100m from the place where this accident occur.

Kerala Man Sets Co-Passenger on Fire

Initial reports suggest when the fire start people jumped that’s why they have burn injuries. The 8 people who had burn injuries were taken to the hospital. After this incident happened and with all the necessary inspections train was able to continue its journey after the two compartments were sealed. This incident transpired because of the arguments which happened between two passengers on the train. According to the railway sources, Other passengers were pulled out of the emergency chain and quickly eradicate the fire which comes and alerted the Railway Protection Force (RPF).

The Kerala police recite the eyewitness, said that the culprit carried two bottles and inflammable material, and entered a reserve coach minutes after the train reached the Kozhikode railway station. The culprit sprayed the fuel on the co-passenger and set them on fire without prompting. The Kerala police continuing investigations and trying to reach the suspect soon

As you can see this all happened because of a small argument. People literally left no mercy in their hearts as to how they can be harmed other people. However, the suspect has not been arrested yet but police continue their investigation to find the culprit. If we get any update related to this case we will inform you, please stay tuned to this website.


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