Home Entertainment Kerala State Lottery Karunya KR 592 Draw 11th March 2023 Result

Kerala State Lottery Karunya KR 592 Draw 11th March 2023 Result


Hello, all the money-makers, finally, your patience is going to get over as the Government of Kerala state is all set to drop the result of the highly-anticipated “Karunya KR 592” as 11th March 2023 is bringing the result while providing the winning amount to the person who is going to make it on his/her name. Now, almost thousands of aspirants are waiting for the right moment to come so that, they can get the consequence of their lottery. Because many are holding their hopes with it and thus would like to get it, below you can get further updates along with the steps to get the result.

Kerala State Lottery Karunya KR 592 Draw

The Kerala State Lottery, is one of the most popular methods of earning a huge amount of money in a limited period and gambling is legal enough because, the government has established a department that sees the overview of gambling under the proper rules and regulations, and therefore, under the shed of having the legal tag many people regularly invest their attention while purchasing the tickets while pushing their destiny to favor them. Because everyone would like to get the tag of rich at the time of giving a luxurious life to their family.

Lottery:– Karunya KR 592 “11th March 2023”

Every year, Kerala Government records the new numeric of tourism as people put the state on the top of best places to visit because the state is the only one which is having everything, forest, mountains, and rivers along with the rich civilization therefore, the state usually get the enhancing numbers of tourism. Because seldom one would have here who won’t like to make themselves aware of mother nature while unveiling such facts at the time of getting something precious, and only Kerala can give peace to everyone in a certain manner.

Price List:-

1st Prize:–   Rs. 70,00,000 [70 Lakh]
Consolation 11 Prize:–  Rs. 8,000
2nd Prize:–  Rs. 10,00,000
3rd Prize:–   Rs. 1,00,000
4th Prize:–   Rs. 5,000
5th Prize:–   Rs. 1000
6th Prize:–   Rs. 500
7th Prize:–   Rs. 100

These days, money could be the first priority of someone because only it has the power to turn a normal life into a luxury therefore, whenever a person gets the chance to make it real so they do not lose it and thus, regularly thousands of tickets sell out by the government on the basis of the condition that only the people of Kerala can try their luck in the lottery of no one else. So best of luck with your lottery result, stay tuned with us to know more, and do follow Social Telecast.


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