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Khalistani Leader Amritpal Singh Yet To Be Arrested, Punjab On High Alert


Currently, the Khalistani leader “Amritpal Singh” is remaining the subject of wide discussion among everyone on social networking sites, as his detention is yet to be taken place. Because the defaulter is remaining fugitive and no one knows his exact location of him which is a bit shocking and therefore, recently the police launched a search operation so that, he can come under their hand soon before its too late because such personalities are not trustworthy and can create the havoc anytime anywhere. Below you can explore the further updates you need to know along with some unknown facts.

 Amritpal Singh

As per the exclusive reports or sources, prior to this, the police department commenced the search operation but due to some faults they had to receive downfall and he escaped from their hunt. But now the concerned authorities are not taking even a single chance to lose him in a certain manner and this is the reason, they are looking ahead to get even a single lead that can help them to detain him and this is the reason, they have unleashed the warrants against him as well while requesting the people if they get something so please let them know.

Who Is Khalistani Leader Amritpal Singh?

Reportedly, the concerned authorities have arrested approx 78 members of his outfit ‘Waris Punjab De,’, while many others have been imprisoned for probe, officials said. Even, the lethal equipment has also been collected from them by the police and now they are heading to get the report on whether the weapons were legal or not because as far as they are concerned the defaulter was having the occupation illegally and this is the reason, now their suppliers are also going to get legal slap soon because once he will come under their hand, so the police will make him speak about everything.

Apart from all these, the police set up a special team to get the defaulter in their custody so that, they can proceed the further investigation at their best. Because Khalistani has done plenty of the worst exploits and now, if he did not get the full stop so further exploits would take place too which will be proven harmful for another one and thus he needs to detain as soon as possible no matter what happens. So here we have dropped the information which has been derived from the sources, stay tuned with us to know more do follow Social Telecast.


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