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Wath: Kitengela Leaked Video Viral On Twitter


The power of social media is once again being brought to the forefront as a horrific video from Kitengela, Kenya has gone viral. The video shows a woman abusing her two-year-old daughter, and the internet is in disbelief at the horrifying acts caught on camera. It’s hard to watch the disturbing footage, as the woman can be seen hitting, slapping, and kicking the little girl. The incident has attracted international media and general public attention. Follow us till the end to know all the known facts about the incident.

kitengela woman viral video

Kitengela Leaked Video Viral On Twitter

According to the information, On April 24th, the neighbors reported an incident where a 24-year-old mother confined herself within her residence. Initially, she was playing with her child; however, her demeanor quickly shifted to one of aggression and destruction. The noise emanating from the residence alerted the neighbors who attempted, unsuccessfully, to gain entry and intervene. Subsequently, the authorities were notified and promptly responded.


The video quickly went viral on social media, and people are outraged at the woman’s actions. Many are calling for justice and for the woman to be punished for what she has done. The incident has sparked an important conversation about child abuse and how it can be prevented. At one point, the woman throws the toddler across the room, causing her to hit her head on the wall. The child was taken to the hospital, but sadly, she did not survive the injuries sustained in the attack.

As a society, we must take the issue of child abuse seriously and work together to prevent it from happening in the first place. We must educate people about the signs and symptoms of abuse, and we must encourage them to report it when they see it happening. Those who witness child abuse have a moral obligation to report it. They can call the police or report it to child protective services. It is important to remember that reporting child abuse can save a child’s life.

The video from Kitengela, Kenya is a heartbreaking reminder of the importance of addressing the issue of child abuse. We must work together to prevent these types of incidents from happening in the future. We need to provide support and resources for families who are struggling, and we need to ensure that those who perpetrate child abuse are held accountable for their actions. The internet can be a powerful tool for raising awareness and promoting change, but we also need action in the real world to make a difference.


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