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Kolkata Road Accident: Four People Died in a Road Accident in Dum Dum Park


life is important for all of us. This is a gift given by God to us. But people do not care about this gift and recklessly neglect this gift. How do people not care about their life and not think about their families? and they choose the wrong path in the name of fun. In the name of fun, they overspeed the car and broke the law rules. Then they face their result and regret. So we give you the advice that doesn’t do anything wrong and not choose the wrong path in the name of fun. you will also regret this happening. We are talking about the speed-over case which happened in Kolkata.

Kolkata Road Accident

In Kolkata, another terrible accident of speed over happened in the night. The same speed over and hit case also happened before which is on the 9th of January 2023. Again intersection of speeding cars causes an accident on Sunday midnight.The four citizens were killed in a terrible road accident at the Dumdum Park intersection on 9th April 2023 at midnight.Two were seriously injured and are now under treatment in hospital. What caused this accident and how did this happen? To know more drag down the page.

Kolkata Road Accident

According to the reports we get information that a wheeler traveling at reckless speed first hits a bike hard. He then lost control and rammed behind a lorry standing at a traffic signal. The car was heavily damaged. on Sunday midnight of 9th April 2023 around 1.30 pm, a speeding four-wheeler SUV hit the biker first. The biker was stopped at the traffic signal after seeing the red light. The biker fell on the road and then Suv hit back to stationary lorry because the front wheel of the car was twisted. The woman and the driver of the car who was sitting in the front seat fell on the bonnet. and the glass of the car was smashed.

In the car, five passengers were sitting. Three of them died on the spot. Two other passengers who sitting backside inside the car were quickly taken down to the hospital. on the other hand, when they took down the biker near the hospital after this accident he was already dead then. According to the police no other injured or dead person was found as they continued the police investigation. As you can see that how one mistake is affected many people and families. so please don’t break the law rules and be safe think about your family and friends who waits for you. Stay safe. for more updates stay with us.


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