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Kothkai Rape & Murder Case: Convict Gets Life Imprisonment Till Death Along With Rs 10,000 Fine


The special court of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in Himachal Pradesh has sentenced the accused of Kothkai rape and murder case to life imprisonment. The convict was taken into custody on April 28 and was charged under section 4 of POCSO (Protection of children from sexual offence) along with IPC’s section 376 (a), 376 (2) (I) & 302. Apart from the charges, Rajiv Bhardwaj, the session judge of CBI court also fined the culprit of 10,000 rupees. Kothkai case had always been in the headlines as the people demanded justice for the minor girl. Eventually, the convict received his punishment by the court.

Kothkai Rape & Murder Case: Convict Gets Life Imprisonment Till Death Along With Rs 10,000 Fine

The culprit was taken into custody after collecting forensic proof against him. CBI has produced about 14 pieces of evidence in which a total of 12 shreds of evidence went against him. Besides, the forensic team has sent the accused semen for testing which matched the semen found on the deceased girl’s private parts. While the semen samples that were found on the girl’s clothes also matched the culprit’s. Besides, the team also matched the soil’s presence on the culprit’s and the minor’s body and concluded that it all matched and proved that he raped and murdered the minor girl.

While the court stated that some bite marks were found on the deceased’s body. CBI matched those marks with the culprit’s dentures and found that it was the same. The charge sheet that was submitted by CBI states that the convict at the time of the incident, accused had consumed alcohol and saw the minor girl heading to her home from school. The alcohol’s effect started building up as he took the little girl to a jungle nearby and there he raped her. After raping, the culprit strangled the girl which resulted in her death.

At the crime scene, the officials recovered the bottles of liquor and by using that they investigate the shops from where the bottles were purchased. That lead helped the police to track the accused down. Besides, there was a witness who stated against the accused in the court. The key witness who was a widow identified the culprit and informed that he had molested her after reportedly killing and molesting the minor girl. Earlier one accused among the six died while being in the custody. The people were continuously demanding justice so Kothkai rape-murder case was handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation and they were investigating the case thoroughly.


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