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Kris Wu Arrested Chinese-Canadian Actor Into Custody on Suspicion of Rape


The popular Chinese-Canadian actor and singer named Kris Wu has reportedly being detained by Beijing police. They have taken the actor into custody on suspicion of rape. On Saturday, a 19-years-old student, Du Meizhu accused Kris Wu of raping her when she was intoxicated. She stated that she was 17 at that time when the actor potentially raped her. Kris Wu was later detained by the cops. However, the Chinese actor has denied the allegations and has completely refused the said claims. The accusations are affecting the star’s reputation as several brands have dropped deals with him.

Kris Wu Arrested

As per reports, the student has mentioned that Kris Wu had claimed that he was recruiting actresses while he tried to lure the underage women. She also added that the number of victims is more than 8 who have gotten trapped by him. The 19-years-old revealed that the victims include two minors as well which has shocked his fan base. Ever since the news was widespread, the netizens are slamming Kris Wu for being such a kind of person. They have flooded his latest posts on Instagram with “Get out of China” like comments.

The singer’s detention happened on Saturday when Beijing police from Chaoyang district confirmed the news. According to the police statement, Kris Wu has been detained on the suspicion of rape and he is now “criminally detained” in response to a piece of relevant information that is proclaimed on the internet. They stated that the 30-years-old actor holds Canadian nationality. The police used Kris’ Chinese name i.e; Wu Yifan and shared the news on Weibo, a social media platform on Saturday night.

As per the victim’s claim, the actor frequently lured young women to have physical relationships.┬áTalking about Kris Wu, he rose to fame after being a member of a South Korean and Chinese boy band titled “EXO”. Formed by SM entertainment, the boy consisting of 9 members debuted in 2012 which gained huge attention by the listeners. However, the actor left the band in 2014 to start his solo career in modelling, acting and singing.

Wu originally belongs to China as he was born in Guangzhou, in China. Beijing police have stated that they have formed a team to investigate the case further and to find out the truth. Though, the actor has stated multiple times that he is not related to the accusation and is innocent. However, Brands including Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Porsche, and L’Oreal Men have dropped their partnerships with him after the widespread news.


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