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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 (KRPKAB3) 19th July 2021 Episode Spoilers & Written Update


The latest episode of your favourite drama series begins with, Ishwari says Aayush to come inside the house and she also asks them if they have any desire for religious hospitality so she will do their aarti as well. Dev calls her but she says that it is her grandchild and comes after a while so she wants to welcome them and make it as special as they are. Dev tells her that he has ordered some new furniture that will make her feel fly but she denies coming to check because she has her grandchild there. She calls Sonakshi to come there, while Aayush gets amazed seeing this big house and all the luxury rooms as well.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 (KRPKAB3) 19th July 2021 Episode Spoilers & Written Update

As Ishwari is excited so she says that she has set the bed along with books, she asks her if everything is fine. Sonakshi says that everything is good but why did the place Soha’s favourite bedsheet and also her toys there. She asks her what if she did this because Soha has many other toys. Sonakshi replies that she is not saying that she did something bad but she is saying that she will bring some new toys for Aayush once she asks him about his favourite stuff. Ishwari leaves agreeing with her consent.

Sonakshi gets worried thinking about what will happen now. Dev comes there and assures her that everything will be fine soon with the time. She replies that she is worried about Soha because she never shared her things with someone and now when it is about to happen with her so it seems like it will be a problematic situation for her and Aayush as well. There, Ishwari roams in the house showing Aayush everything. She takes him to the house temple and there she prays that finally, he has come in the house. She says him to pray but he stands quietly. She then asks him about his favourite dish and tells him that as he was not in the house in childhood so she missed his laugh as a kid, after hearing this Aauysh starts to smile.

In the last scene you will watch Sonakshi goes into Dev’s room when he was sleeping, she takes up the teddy bear thinks back of the days when she used to play with Soha, she lost in thought as she has always been so close to her only daughter whom she loves the most, but no one considers her as a good mother. The episode ends here. No doubt that episode is going to be so interesting so don’t forget to watch it tonight so tune in to Sony TV at 8:30 PM


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