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Kumkum Bhagya 12th October 2021 Written Update Episode Will Rhea come closer to Ranbir


The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins where you will watch, Sid thinking about Rhea’s words and decides that he will go and tell about his decision to everyone. There, Rajeshwari congrats Pallavi, where Pallavi replies that everything happened just because of her and gives the credit to her, Sid smiles and greets her. Rajeshwari looks at Sid and tells her that she was about to ask about him, she looks at Rhea and asks her if he came along with his wife.

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He calls Rhea and she greets her, Rajeshwari looks at both and asks if they are not having quality sleep because both seem to be so tired and their puffy eyes are showing it. She asks them about their sleep but both of them give her a different reply. She then asks about Sid and his brother’s age asking if Sid is younger than Ranbir, Pallavi nods meanwhile, Prachi says that destiny always waits for the perfect partner, Ranbir replies that they just met and tied the knot. Rajeshwari whispers in Pallavi’s ears suggesting that she should them on honeymoon and for this, she also suggests her friend’s resort in Manali. Pallavi smiles while Rajeshwari says that she should send Ranbir and Prachi too. Pallavi nods and gets agrees to it saying she will book the tickets for them.

Rhea leaves saying she will be back soon, she goes to her room and starts to cry just behind her Sid also comes to the scene and takes her laptop saying whatever he told her was not in anger because nothing has left in their marriage because she told him that she does not feel up with him and feel suffocated. He says that he will tell this to Chachi Ji and he does not want her to bear him more, he leaves, Rhea cries thinking about what is happening with her because whatever she planned to happen with Prachi happening with her and whatever she wanted to happen with her happens with Prachi.

Heading to the end of the episode you will watch, Rhea asking Aaliya that how will she come closer to Ranbir if she goes on honeymoon with Sid. Aaliya tells her that Ranbir and Prachi are also going to the same place and she just have to create a scene so that Ranbir will come to her bedroom. Rhea thinks about it and the episode ends here to stay connected with us to read more updates.


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