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Kumkum Bhagya 17th September 2021 WU Episode Written Update: Prachi Forgives Rhea


Kumkum Bhagya is getting quite engaging every passing day. People seem hooked on the show and eager to know what will happen in the next episode. Check the written episode update of 17th September 2021 in this article. The latest ep starts with Tanu. She is keen to find out what happened at Prgaya’s place after she send alcohol to Abhi. She bribes Manish and asks him to tell her about the things that took place at Pragya’s home when Abhi consumed the alcohol. Manish tells her that Abhi met with an accident and was in the hospital and might have reached home now.

Kumkum Bhagya 17-9-2021

Tanu plans to ruin Pragya by using her weakness on her only and she knows that it will also shock Aalia. Here, Pragya gets worried about Abhi as the latter is nowhere in the house. Pragya finds him and gets relieved. She asks if he loves troubling her and that she has no problem if that’s the case. Pragya adds that she just wants him to stay happy and not to harm himself ever. Sushma gets worried about Pragya seeing her mental state. On another hand, Prachi serves breakfast to Ranbeer and Siddharth and asks them to avoid discussing work here.

Kumkum Bhagya Written

Next, it is shown, that Rhea and Aalia have a conversation and the latter asks Rhea to get on good terms with Prachi. Rhea agrees and apologizes to Prachi right away. She begins to talk politely with her so that Prachi doesn’t suspect her and her intentions. Rhea manages to convince Prachi that she has changed now. Rhea says that after the accident everyone parted their ways but Prachi still had Ranbeer while she had no one and that no one ever assured her of a good future. Prachi gets emotional and forgives Rhea.

Here, Siddharth gets suspicious of Ranbeer and Rhea and tries to convince himself that he is misunderstanding things. Rhea feels bad for Ranbeer as he has to stay with someone who is not even worthy of becoming his wife. Later, Ranbir calls Siddharth and asks him to come to work. On another side, Tanu and Aalia decide to meet Abhi who is reportedly gotten into an accident. There, they get into argument with Pragya who asks them not to worry about her husband. Aalia questions Pragya that why she didn’t inform them about Abhi’s accident as they are still a family. Follow our site to know the further story of Kumkum Bhagya.


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