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Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2021 Written Episode: Tanu Advices Pragya To Buy Abhi


Currently, Kumkum Bhagya has been entertaining the viewers with high-voltage drama. In today’s episode, Pragya tells Sushma that she is afraid to face people after Gaurav accused her of molesting him. She sadly says that she doubts if anyone would believe her side of the story. Sushma tries to encourage her saying she has to fight for herself, for her reputation, and for self-respect. Sushma tells her that she should focus on winning the false case and get her dignity back. Here, Prachi cries out seeing Pragya’s images. She misses her badly.

Dadi notices Prachi and tries to comfort her. She sees Pragya’s pictures and understands that Prachi is missing her mother. She asks her not to mourn and adds that if her mother would have been alive, she would have hated to see her daughter cry. Prachi feels shattered after failing to impress Pallavi and became the cause of her humiliation among her friends because of Rhea. Dadi asks Prachi not to lose motivation and to find strength. Prachi feels better and tells Dadi that she is right as Pragya would have asked her to fight back either and not to sit and cry.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

On another hand, Tanu goes to meet Pragya. The latter gets annoyed seeing her there. Tanu pretends to worry about her and says that she is worried about her as she feels that she is innocent. Pragya is not aware that Tanu has joined hands with Gaurav. Tanu lies to Pragya saying she wants to help her get out of the case. Tanu states that she had not come here to mock her or something but wants to help her with the unfortunate condition she had gotten trapped in. She insists Pragya hear her advice once. Pragya gives in and asks her to give the solution.

Tanu couldn’t believe that Pragya actually agreed to listen to her. She tells him that she is offering him Abhi as she can buy him if she wants but she has to give her the proper amount. Pragya gets stunned hearing that. Tanu adds that she can make Abhi her husband by paying the amount and once she will reveal him in the media stating he is her husband, no one would be able to her character assassination anymore. She says that she can prove she is happily married to Abhi and can get away with the false accusation. Will Pragya accept the offer? Tune in to this space for a further story.


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