Home Entertainment Kumkum Bhagya 21st August 2021 Written Episode: Rhea & Prachi Compete

Kumkum Bhagya 21st August 2021 Written Episode: Rhea & Prachi Compete


In the recent episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea and Prachi compete against one another to earn the title of the best Bahu. Pallavi tells Prachi to prove herself by impressing everyone and by doing this she will also get the tag. She reminds her of the sir name of the family and asks her to keep that always in mind. Pallavi announces that Rhea will get to use the main kitchen while Prachi will have to cook in the spare kitchen and they have to prepare Chole Bhature. Whoever will prepare the best dish will be titled as the best Bahu of the house.

Dida asks Rhea if she is even aware of the process of cooking as she didn’t even know how to prepare tea a while ago. Rhea asks her not to worry as she has learned everything. On another side, Abhi is intoxicated and walks in the lane. Meanwhile, he accidentally collides with a person who gets angry at him and asks if he is drunk. Though Abhi drinks more and lashes out at the guy. Here, Rhea commands the assistant to leave as he wants to prepare the dish on her own. The assistant refuses and says Pallavi will be mad about it as she had assigned him. Rhea sticks to her words and just asks him to go.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Prachi asks Soni to pass the tomatoes but the latter refuses and says that she cannot help her even if she wants as she competes against Rhea. Prachi says that she is her sister and she not preparing the dish to defeat her. Though Rhea thinks of defeating Prachi at any cost as she thinks that Prachi had snatched her family and love. Ahead, Prachi finds Chole Masala is not enough so she goes to ask Rhea but gets shocked not seeing her in the kitchen. Sushma thinks that only getting Abhi in her life back can save Pragya.

Sushma suggests Pragya buying Abhi as it will solve her problems. Pragya gets shocked to hear such advice from her. Sushma asks her to think about it. On another side, Prachi sees Rhea getting a manicure. She asks her if she hadn’t even started and told her that Pallavi has huge expectations from her. Then, Prachi asks her about Chole Masala. Rhea asks her to take it. Beautician asks Rhea to cook but the latter tells her that she would just order online and will win easily. Keep reading Kumkum Bhagya written update on Social Telecast.


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