Home Entertainment kumkum Bhagya 23rd August 2021 Written Episode: Meenakshi greets Abhi and Pragya

kumkum Bhagya 23rd August 2021 Written Episode: Meenakshi greets Abhi and Pragya


The latest episode of the show begins with, Ranbir who was coming happily downstairs but after seeing Ishaan and Srinivasan’s family he seems to be annoyed. He sees Ishaan and gives him an angry look, Aaryan comes from another side and he also gets angry seeing Shashank and recalls the bad day when he proposed his love Sahana. He thinks back to the moment and gets too angry in himself thinking why did he let him go instead of punching on his face. Abhi and Pragya see Srinivasan’s family and welcomes them.

Meenakshi greets Abhi and Pragya, they greet them back. Mr. Srinivasan says that he is also here, Abhi laughs saying how can he forget him. He goes to him and both share a hug. Shashank and Ishaan both greet Pragya and Abhi, meanwhile, Ranbir and Aryan come there to greet Mr. and Mrs. Srinivasan by keeping a so-called smile. While, they look at each other, Prachi, Rhea, and Sahana also come there and the three girls greet the elders and then meet Shashank and Ishaan. As always Shashank teases Aaryan by talking to Prachi and Rhea he simply says hi… but when it comes to Sahana he stands up and hugs her tightly so that he can irk Aaryan. He looks on seeing Shashank hugging Sahana and feels like to punch and slap him but somehow he controls himself. As Ranbir is in the dark about Aaryan and Sahana’s feelings he starts to tease Sahana as he does not notice that Aaryan is already fuming in anger.

kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Ranbir starts to tease saying Sashank to control his feelings as Sahana is not going anywhere and their engagement will take place soon. Now at this moment Aaryan is totally lost control on mind and he feels like slapping tightly but this time it is not Sashank but Ranbir. After so much drama Prachi and Ranbir meet in a verbal spat for a long. Where Ranbir says Prachi a disturbing element saying “your Chik Chik will kill me one day, how much pain will you give my ears now”.

Meanwhile, Ranbir steps towards her and Prachi starts stepping back, he pins her to the wall and both get a cozy feeling where both can feel their breaths. Prachi feels like to hug him and she gets closer to him but suddenly she recalls Pallavi’s words and she shoves him and runs away from there. Ranbir gets shocked seeing this because just a second before the moment was different and thinks that how can she go at such a scene. To know what happened next tune in to Zee TV tonight at the right time. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on the show.


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