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Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2021 Episode Written Update Is Ranbir Regretting Her Decision


The latest episode Kumkum Bhagya show begins with, Ranbir and Rhea talking where he tells her that it was his mistake, she looks at him and asks that what kind of mistake is he talking about. He replies that it is the same mistake that he is in Prachi’s life, he then tells her that as he is the biggest mistake in Prachi’s life, Rhea is the same in his life and now they all have been stuck into a triangle where things are getting worse and nothing seems to be normal.

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 30th Dec 2021

Rhea is about to say something when he tells her that there is no love between them and they are just going with the flow of life and revenge. Rhea then says that she is not in the mood to hear any kind of philosophy from him. She tells him that the fact is, they tied the knot and that with everyone’s presence so there is nothing like defaming or feeling ashamed because his family is loving her and they did not tie the knot secretly. He says that but it is not the reality because things were different at that time but now everything has turned another. She tells him that Prachi is here just because she is regretting that why did she leave him and except this there is nothing to feel about her and past relation too.

He asks if she knows what she is saying, she replies that she knows and tries to make him understand the same that Prachi is here just by the way and she really does not know the motive behind her arrival to be here and she is only doing what is coming in her mind as she is not cleared that what should she does. Meanwhile, Sahana comes out of their room and overhears them talking about Prachi. Rhea then asks her if she hears anything. She denies it but replies that she is here to keep her eyes close to her good and innocent sister’s bad evil sister.

Sahana’s words make Rhea angry and as a result, Rhea fumes her saying get out of her room. Suddenly Prachi comes there and asks her that how dare she say this, she then asks Rhea that how will she make Ranbir dance now. Rhea then says to take her so-called sister out of her room otherwise she will be facing her anger which she has been keeping for a while. So, now watching this is going to be so amazing that what will happen next, so stay connected to get all the latest episode updates.


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