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Kumkum Bhagya 9th September 2021 Written Episode: Rhea’s Plan Succeeds


Kumkum Bhagya written episode update of 9th September 2021 starts with Abhi asking Pragya to climb to his back if she wants to join them in playing the horse game. Pragya doesn’t say anything and just leaves. Sumit tells Abhi that he made Bhabhi angry. On another side, Dida asks Prachi to perform the Aarti. Prachi smiles and starts singing Bhajan as well. Ranbir swings the cradle. After Prachi, Pallavi goes to do Aarti. Rhea gets impatient as the Aarti is about to get end but Krishna’s idol is not falling.

Here, Prachi notices that the idol might fall. She rushes towards it and saves it from falling by placing it in her lap. Vikram gets angry and lashes out at Pallavi for being so irresponsible. In the next scene, Gaurav visits Tanu and Aalia to question them regarding Abhi becoming the husband of Pragya. Aalia says that it’s true that they are husband and wife and were married for some time. However, due to some reason, they parted ways and now have gotten together to give their relationship another chance. Gaurav says that why he was not informed earlier as it will prove his statement wrong in court.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

Back to Prachi’s house, Vikram scolds Pallavi. Dida tells him that it was neither Prachi’s fault nor Pallavi’s but Vikram continues to blame Pallavi. He accuses her of handling the crucial responsibility to someone who doesn’t even know how to handle it. Pallavi feels bad. Vikram apologizes to all the guests and leaves the place. Next, Pallavi vents out at Prachi for always being so careless and irresponsible. Dida asks Pallavi not to scold her as she saved Kahna Ji from falling but Pallavi says that she fell in her eyes. Pallavi announces that she is freeing Prachi from the house responsibilities.

Pallavi adds that she doesn’t want to give the house keys to someone who keeps doing mistakes and announces that from now Rhea will handle the responsibilities. Pallavi doesn’t remain silent and says that Prachi has failed to become a perfect Bahu. She asks her to go to her room until the celebration ends. Rhea smiles thinking her plan succeed. Prachi gets teary-eyed and goes to her room while Ranbir goes behind her. Prachi tells him that she became the reason for Pallavi getting humiliated once again. Ranbir asks her not to worry as everything will be fine. Stay tuned to this space for more Kumkum Bhagya updates.


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