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Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Episode 16th August 2022 Written Update


In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, that Daljeet asks Pallavi why did she ask Rhea for the truth Pallavi says she is a human and she tries to stand by what she mentioned to Prachi and if she asked Rhea to clear her doubts about what is wrong in it. Dida says this is not the answer to her question. Pallavi says that she has told Prachi that she believes her. She says that she loves but does not like her. Dida asks Rhea has shown so many proofs then why has she not believed in her. Pallavi replies that she doesn’t want to give stress her during pregnancy.

Kumkum Bhagya

She says she said that to give her security. She says if Prachi has lied then will not support her. She says Prachi will not be stressed as whatever happens with her, will be the fruit of karma. She says she is have lied and is not proud of it. She says a lie is not a lie if is said for someone’s good. She asks her to see her intention, not her lie. Vikram says Pallavi is not wrong. Dida thinks the matter is something else and she is unable to find out the truth.

Shahana asks Aryan to drive safe because the pregnant lady is sitting in the car. Prachi and Ranbir started their cute fight. Prachi says that she wants to go to the temple. They visit the roadside temple after a long discussion. Parchi prays for the family’s happiness and for her baby. After that, they enjoy the rain. Ranbir and Prachi splash water on each other. Ranbir pulled her close. They fall into a romantic moment. She hugs him.

Rhea thinks she made the story of the hotel, and she didn’t think about DNA and hospital staff. She thinks about what to do. She thinks that her lie will be caught what she will do. All will get know that she has given the bribe to the hotel staff Priya to lie. Prachi and others reach the home. Dida asks them to change their clothes. Prachi says her thanks for stopping otherwise she will not get love today. Dida says that she will pray for her happiness. ¬†Shaina comes to Aaliya and hears her talking to goon, where she asks good to complete the work. She asks to send the pic of sid’s dead body. She says we have to support Rhea and didn’t have to see right or not. If Sid came here everything will be ruined. She asks her to understand and says you shall not tell anyone that she has hired goons to kill sid. She asks her not to tell Rhea as well, she replies ok.





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