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Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Episode 5th Nov 2021 Written Update: Will Abhi Kill Gaurav?


In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, viewers are going to watch some more drama, and as you all know that Gaurav has betrayed Tanu, Aaliya, and the main one Pragya. However, the show is now turning a different twist because everyone knew about Gaurav’s reality but despite knowing everything about his nature Pragya signs the papers due to which she has lost her everything and did not get the proof to prove Abhi’s innocency. Kumkum Bhagya today’s episode begins with, Tanu talking to Aaliya asking about her plan against their Bhabhi.

Kumkum Bhagya

She replies that the case of molestation that has been filed against her by Gaurav was her’s plan. Aaliya then says that she wanted to ruin Pragya but whatever is happening with their Bhai is not what she was expecting. She then says that Abhi is the only one who is responsible for everything that is happening with him because once Abhi beats Gaurav and his brother and this time whatever is going on is just a piece of revenge that Gaurav always wanted to take from Bhai.

Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Update

Pragya comes to them and asks that when and where did go Abhi meet Gaurav, Aaliya replies that it is Red zone in the bright hotel, Pragya fumes and slaps Tanu saying that she was controlling it for a while but finally she forced her to do it, Pragya leaves. There, Abhi is in the hotel and asks the receptionist about Gaurav Thapar, the lady calls him and tells about Abhi, he says her to let him come. On the other side, Pragya gets into her car in hurry thinking about Aaliya’s words. Meanwhile, Abhi steps towards the room recalling Aaliya’s words that Pragya went to Gaurav to beg for the evidence.

Suddenly Abhi gets a call and it is Pragya, she asks him that why did he has not to reach home yet, he asks her why she didn’t tell him that she met Gaurav. Abhi asks her why she named everything to Gaurav just to save him, she replies that she just wants Abhi as he is her universe and she does not need anything else if he is with her. Abhi replies that he will take revenge on Gaurav because he wanted to ruin her and bring her on the road. Pragya requests him not to do anything, Abhi replies that he is coming back home soon after settling down all the debt. The episode ends here.


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