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Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Latest Episode 21st July 2021: Pallavi Accepts Prachi & Ranbir


The recent episode of Kumkum Bhagya is bringing more drama towards the die-hard fans of the show, who are desperately want to watch it. So the episode begins where Ranbir’smother gets shocked because her younger son also got married to a random girl without informing her. She feels helpless because now she can not do anything so in the end, she will have to accept them, no matter what happens. Even she would have to accept Prachi and Ranbir too. She wonders that until when she will be upset with them because the parent can not hate their children more.

Kumkum Bhagya 21st july 2021

On the other hand, you will watch that Pragya and Abhi both burning in the fire of revenge at the same time, Abhi wonders all those golden moments which they lived together. But her changing side is bothering him a lot which he can not bear ahead, he even knows that Pragya still, has a soft corner for him but she is pretending tough. So that, he can stay away from her. Pragya also feels as same as Abhi but she does not want to make some mistakes, which she has gone through, but she makes herself tough.

In short, Pragya is trying hard for moving on and takes a pledge to herself that she will forget everything related to him as soon as possible. Another side, Prachi and Ranbir’s happiness has no bounds because finally, their family has accepted them. Finally, they meet their siblings because Prachi was impatiently waiting to see her sister and as the same Ranbir says because he also desperately wanted to meet his brother and finally they come. After a while, they decide to go and welcome them but due to some work, they could not go.

Another side, Tanu and Alia get shocked to see Pragya in the new Avatar because they did not even expect that she will become a businesswomen along with prominent personality. So they decide to make some conspiracy to snatch everything from Pragya but this time they are too weak, and Pragya has all privileges so they can not do anything against her. Hence, they decide to take any step in a too sagacious way so that, they can make her stuck in their trap. But still, Dadi wants to see Pragya and Abhi together, so do not miss watching it on Zee TV at 09:00 PM and for further information stay connected with us.


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