Home Entertainment Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Written Episode 10th Sept 2021: Dida Confronts Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Written Episode 10th Sept 2021: Dida Confronts Rhea


The episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Ranbir asking Prachi to visit her mother’s place. He says that they will also hand over the medical reports of her father. Ranbir feels bad when he recalls how his mother asked her to not come out of the room. Prachi begins to cry. Ranbir wipes her tears off and says that he feels like he is falling in love with her again as she is looking extremely beautiful and calls her his Radha. Prachi smiles and hugs him tightly. Here, Pallavi apologizes to Vikram.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode 10th Sept 2021 Dida Confronts Rhea

Vikram says that he feels sorry too as he cannot help her with the arrangements. He promises Pallavi that he will always support her from now on. Pallavi happily asks Vikram if he is no longer angry at her. He says that he is thinking about Prachi as if it’s really her who is behind these mistakes. Pallavi doesn’t understand and asks him to explain to her. Here, Dida goes to check the cradle and understands that someone has intentionally cut the wire so that the statute of Krishna falls down upon cradling. Vikram tells Pallavi that he is suspecting Prachi.

Vikram further adds that Prachi is doing all these mistakes knowingly and she wants to spoil the name of our family. Pallavi gets worried and thinks about how would they convince Ranbir about her intentions. Vikram asks her to relax as he will himself realize in some days. On another side, Dida doubts Rhea of being the person behind the mistakes Prachi has been committing. She goes to her and confronts her. Here, Ranbir and Prachi go to Pragya’s house and meet her. Pragya compliments Prachi for looking beautiful. Later, Prachi gives Abhi’s reports to Pragya and tells her about Abhi’s liver condition.

Prachi asks Pragya to make sure that Abhi doesn’t drink any further or it could worsen his liver. Pragya assures her not to worry as she will take care of it. Pragya decides to stop the alcohol party of Abhi and his friends. She goes there and holds Abhi’s hands and drags him to the other room. In the next scene, Dida asks Rhea if she added garlic in the Prasad and cut the wires of the cradle. Rhea nods and asks her if she wants to know why is she doing this. Dida says that she knows that she hates Prachi and is taking revenge on her.


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