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Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Written Update Episode 13th Sep 2021: Abhi Falls Down The Stairs


Today’s written update of Kumkum Bhagya is going to be quite interesting as a shocking twist is all set to blow the viewers’ minds. The recent track of Tanu putting Abhi on sale while Pragya accepting the offer created a lot of buzzes and Zee TV managed to garner good responses as well. Now, the story has taken a turn where Pragya is concerned for Abhi and is trying her best to keep him away from alcohol. The latest episode of 13th September 2021 begins with Abhi meeting with a shocking accident.

Kumkum Bhagya 13 9 2021

Yes, the fans will watch the lead character Abhi falling down the stairs that will result in him getting injuries. You must be wondering about the reason behind this accident. The scene starts with Abhi getting angry at Pragya as she humiliated the former in front of his friends by not letting him drink alcohol. Before Abhi could lash out at Pragya, his feet slip and he falls down the stairs. Pragya gets worried and runs towards him. Though she couldn’t save him as he had already fallen. Despite Pragya failed attempt to save Abhi, the pair will seem to get closer in the upcoming episodes.

Pragya will realize that she cares for him more than herself and that she loves him. She will treat Abhi with gentleness and care. She gets scared at the thought of losing Abhi again. Here, Prachi senses that something is not right. Ranbir notices her tensed expression and asks about it. Prachi says that she feels that her father, Abhi, is in some trouble as she is getting this bad vibe. Ranbeer asks her not to stress much as Pragya would be taking care of him well. On another side, Tanu and Aalia would be seen celebrating Pragya’s life getting destroyed.

Tanu also sends alcohol for Abhi but Pragya doesn’t let him consume it. Abhi gets angry at her for behaving like his guardian all the time. Next, Siddharth would get disturbed because of Rhea. Besides all the high-voltage drama, a twist will await the viewers. Prachi’s sister Rhea is still unaware of the fact that Prachi has gotten in touch with her parents. As it was shown, a sweet bond between Abhi, Pragya, and Prachi is getting formed, Rhea will feel excluded. Undoubtedly, Kumkum Bhagya has become the best source of entertainment for serial lovers. You can watch the serial on Zee TV and Zee5 and stick around for more written updates.


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