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Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode 21st September 2021 Update: Pragya Decides To Take Revenge


Kumkum Bhagya has been entertaining everyone with an interesting story and track. In today’s written episode update of 21st September 2021, Tanu announces to everyone that they will live in Pragya’s house from now on. Tai Ji doesn’t believe it and asks if she is telling the truth. Aalia nods and tells them that they will go there tomorrow. Everyone gets happy after hearing the news. Tanu feels good as she knows that everyone will treat her well, considering she gave them the biggest happiness today. Here, Pragya asks Sushma if she is upset with her.

Kumkum Bhagya

Susham tells Pragya that she shouldn’t have let Tanu and Alia stay here as she knows how can they trouble her. Pragya says that she doesn’t care about anyone and only wants to live with Abhi. Sushama asks her if she has forgotten how did Abhi treat her in the past. Pragya tells her that her opinion about him has changed now as she has come to know the truth. Sushma says that she is not thinking with her mind but with her heart and this might cause her trouble in future. Pragya asks her not to worry as both her heart and mind are asking her to stay with Abhi.

Pragya adds that she will make sure that Tanu and Alia don’t go overboard and will control her. She says that she has come here to take revenge and now when both Alia and Tanu have achieved everything be it money or anything, it will be the best opportunity for her to take her revenge on them. On another side, Rhea gets worried recalling how Siddharth was suspecting her and Ranbeer. She goes into the room and acts to cry. Siddharth comes there. Rhea says that he had told her that she talks politely to everyone but not him.

Rhea further says that she was happy when she saw him coming home early but now, she hates him. Siddharth asks if she hates him that much, why is she here in his room. Rhea says that she has started to feel that he doesn’t respect her much. Siddharth asks her why is she saying things like that. She says that she heard him talking with Ranbir earlier. She questions if she should go to Prachi and tell her how much he tortures her. Siddharth asks her when did he torture her to which Rhea says that he mentally tortures her. Keep following our site to get more information on Kumkum Bhagya.


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