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Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update 19th July 2021: Rhea & Siddharth Involve In Drug Case


The latest episode begins with, Pragya comes to Abhi’s area and sees him dancing with his friends in the street. One of his friends spills the juice on her car’s window. Abhi says him to apologize to her, he says sorry, she comes out of the car and steps towards him. Amit there clears that they were just celebrating Abhi’s victory as he wins for the very first time. Abhi looks at her and says that she is not angry with him but with Abhi. He says him to go as he will tell him later.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update 19th July 2021: Rhea & Siddharth Involve In Drug Case

There, Rhea asks Siddarth about the pack of drugs that she got from his pocket. He replies that he does not know how did that come into his pocket. Rhea yells at him asking if he is a kid because it can trap them. Siddharth gets worried because the room is booked on his name, suddenly their door gets knocked, Rhea gets scared saying now they will be trapped, she runs towards washroom and flushes the drugs. she comes out.

Siddharth asks her what should they say if it will be police because cops must ask that if the room is in his name so what she is doing here. She says him to make a story no matter how because if anything happens then no girl on this planet will marry him. The door knocks again, he opens the door and sighs of relief because it’s a waiter standing there having the food they order for. On the other side, the drug peddler comes to one of Rhea’s close friends named Saina and threatens her to tell him about Rhea’s whereabouts.

Saina tells him that she really does not have any idea where she has been. The peddler scares her and threatens to say that she will be killed by Jack if she hides anything, he leaves saying that she has to find her friend if she wants to see them alive. He says her to make a call to Rhea and say her to return his drugs. He calls a reporter and says him to broadcast and write a piece of news about the committing suicide of three people.

Saina begs him saying she is making the call, she calls her, while the peddler takes the phone and says Rhea to return his all drugs that are with Siddharth, he replies on call that he is not having any drugs. The episode ends, stay tuned with us to read more updates, and don’t forget to watch the amazing and complete episode tonight.


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