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Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 16th September 2021: Siddharth Suspects Rhea & Ranbir


The written episode and update of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Prachi. She informs Ranbir about her father, Abhi. Prachi tells him that Abhi is healing and how she wants to meet him. She sadly says that she won’t meet him as she knows Abhi has not forgiven her yet. Prachi further continues that if she went to meet him, he might get angry. Later, Prachi discloses Pragya’s past to Ranbir. The latter gets shocked hearing that. Prachi tells him how Pragya thought that Abhi wanted to kill her and how it had caused differences between them.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 16th September 2021 Siddharth Suspects Rhea Ranbir

While Prachi and Ranbir were having a conversation about the former being the reason for Abhi and Pragya’s reunion, Rhea happens to overhear it. However, the duo is totally unaware of it and continues to talk. Prachi tells Ranbir that she has cleared all the misunderstandings between the pair and now Pragya is willing to help Abhi. She adds that Pragya wants to love Abhi just like she did before and she is happy that both of them have given their life a new start. Later, Prachi also reveals how Tanu and Aalia had conspired against them.

Rhea doesn’t believe that Prachi is in touch with Pragya and Abhi and even helping them to get reunited. Next, Ranbir talks to Pracho over the phone and tells her that he is missing her a lot. He asks her to come back soon. Here, Sushma also asks Prachi to leave . Sushma feels relieved knowing Prachi doesn’t have to worry anymore about Pragya as she made their life better. In the next scene, Siddharth doesn’t like Prachi and Ranbir getting close and misunderstands the pair. Back to Pragya, Prachi feels thankful for Sushma for saving her mother’s life.

Later, Ranbir gives a card with the best daughter tag to Prachi. He says that he hasn’t seen such a nice daughter till now. Ranbir assures her that one day Abhi will also accept her and will give this card to her. Rhea again watches their moment and gets jealous. Rhea decides to talk to Prachi. She tells her that Abhi and Pragya’s reunion will not end up good as the couple will have issues with one another and they will live a happy life if they get separated. Prachi couldn’t believe that Rhea feels like this for her parents. Stay connected with Social Telecast to know what happens further in the serial.


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