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Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 19th August 2021 Episode: Pragya To Marry Abhi


Kumkum Bhagya written update of the 19th August 2021 starts with Pragya heading out of the house. As expected, she encounters a gaggle of reporters who begin to question her. Pragya gets startled and thinks that she should put forward her side of the story as well. She tells the media that soon they will get to witness her next action and avoids the baseless questions coming her way. Here, reporters feel that Pragya doesn’t have anything to say defence and thinks that it proves that Gaurav’s accusations are true. Sushma comes out also and takes Pragya away from the media.

Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2021

On another side, Pragya’s lawyer advises her not to get involved with the media as they will try to dig something out of the statements she will give to them. Pragya says that she felt that the reporters were deliberately trying to put words in her mouth and wanted some Masala out of her condition. Sushma requests the lawyer to suggest to them what should they do next to save their reputation. The lawyer listens to Sushma and says that Pragya is being portrayed as a greedy woman and thus Gavurav will get all the support and sympathy of the media.

Pragya gets worried listening to the lawyer’s words and asks him about the permanent solution. He suggests her marrying Abhi again as it will help her name to get cleared from Gaurav’s allegations. He says that she can state that they were together and that their marriage never ended. Here, Tanu also comes up with the same suggestion and puts Abhi on sale. She asks Pragya to pay money and take her Abhi back. She feels that she surely needs Abhi’s support to get out of the case. Tanu tells her that she wants money as she is fed up with living in Chawl with Abhi.

Back at Pallavi’s place, Rhea gets jealous of Prachi as the latter manages to impress Pallavi yet again. Pallavi asks Prachi to not let go of any of the relationships and take care of everyone. Rhea fumes in jealousy as Pallavi talks to Prachi politely. Though Rhea doesn’t give up and thinks to come up with another plan so that she can let down Prachi in front of the family. She also determines to get Ranbir back in her life. Read the full written update of Kumkum Bhagya on our site and stay tuned with us.


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