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Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 20th August 2021 Episode: Abhi Decides To Help Pragya


Today’s written update of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Tanu insisting Pragya to buy Abhi as she puts the latter on sale. She says that it could help her getting her reputation clean. Pragya is still stunned to witness the thought process of Tanu who is willing to sell just to live a wealthy life and get rid of the Chawl she has been staying in with Abhi. Tanu tells Pragya that if she gets her husband Abhi back, the media won’t put allegations at her any further. Meanwhile, Sushma comes there and gets shocked hearing the conversation.

Kumkum Bhagya

Sushma tries to understand the motive behind Tanu’s disgusting deal. Here, Tanu tells Pragya about the advantages of paying the right amount of money and getting Abhi back in her life. She adds that by doing this, she can get her lost reputation back and the people who have been accusing her of being a gold-digger and a characterless woman would stop right away. Tanu tries to convince Pragya that it’s the best deal she is offering that will advantage both of them. Pragya still tries to process and feels like her head has gotten blocked.

Pragya gets angry and asks Tanu to just leave as she doesn’t want to hear her talk any further. Tanu still doesn’t give up and keeps filling her mind with the positive side of buying Abhi. On another side, Abhi asks Aalia to tell the matter in brief otherwise he has to confront Gaurav about it. Aalia says there’s no need and tells him that she came to know about Thapars and found out that it was their conspiracy to ruin the reputation of the music company. Aalia adds that she even went to meet Thapars who informed her that they paid a singer to lodge the case on the company.

However, Aalia cleverly hides her involvement in the matter. She adds that Thapars even admitted that they planned to ruin the company. Hearing this, Abhi fumes in anger. He couldn’t believe that Thapar who ruined his music company are after Pragya and her company. Abhi decides to help Pragya as he cannot let Gaurav malign her character publicly. Here, Tanu tells Pragya that she would not hesitate to sell Abhi to another person if she didn’t buy him. Pragya gets stunned as Tanu continues to convince her to accept the offer. Kumkum Bhagya airs on Zee TV at 9 PM and Zee5 anytime.


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