Home Entertainment Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 20th September 2021: Tanu Traps Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 20th September 2021: Tanu Traps Pragya


The latest written episode update of Kumkum Bhagya of 20th September 2021 starts with Tanu entering Abhi’s room. She locks the door and looks at Abhi who is sleeping in an unconscious state. She clicks plenty of pictures of him and even makes a video. Tanu wakes up Abhi by pinching him. He gets stunned seeing her there. Abhi asks Tanu what is she doing here and asks her to go. She asks Abhi not to worry as she will always support him and will expose Pragya’s real face in front of everyone.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 20th September 2021 Tanu Traps Pragya

Abhi doesn’t understand what is she talking about and due to the alcohol effect, he goes back to sleep. Here, Aliya asks Tanu what is she up to. Tanu tells her that she is planning to ruin Pragya. She asks Aliya if she remembers the contract in which Pragya had to give her 6 crores and 2 months notice. Aliya says that she just wants to take Abhi from here. Tanu asks her to trust her as she will handle everything. Tanu adds that today they will have to team up to ruin Pragya. Aliya agrees and both the ladies smirk while looking at each other.

On another hand, the lawyer asks Pragya to read point no 52 on the document. Pragya gets stunned reading that. Tanu and Aliya come there as well. Tanu asks her if she read the point carefully. Aliya tells them that they can’t stop them from taking Abhi now. Tanu adds that she had only sold her husband but had not sold her shame. She tells Pragya that Aliya has filed a complaint against her as she had tried to kill Abhi by making him unconscious. Pragya gets stunned and couldn’t believe what Tanu just said.

Tanu adds that she even has recorded Abhi’s condition on her phone. She says that the police will come here soon to arrest her. Sushama tells Tanu that Abhi was drunk and due to losing his consciousness, he fell while Pragya says that there was no wine at home. Tanu says that they both are saying different things. Pragya tells Tanu that if she wanted to kill Abhi, she wouldn’t have taken him to the hospital. Tanu says it must be her plan. Here, Abhi wakes up and recalls Tanu’s words of exposing Pragya. He thinks that she is planning something against Pragya and he has to help her. Follow for more updates on Kumkum Bhagya.


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