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Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 2nd August 2021 Episode: Tanu Puts Abhi On Sale


In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi and Ranbeer receive a warm welcome as they enter their house. Dida doesn’t miss any ritual and welcomes Prachi with delight. Prachi gets surprised when Pallavi reaches her hand to bless the couple. She feels happy. Prachi feels that everything is falling in its place and is happy that Pallavi is trying to forget the issues between them. She even goes to hug Rhea and to her surprise, she feels happy as Rhea doesn’t make her feel bad and she feels positivity from her side as well.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 2nd August 2021 Episode: Tanu Puts Abhi On Sale

Ranbir watches Prachi as she smiles gently. He thinks that after such a long time, they are getting to spend a happy time with the family. Here, Prachi still thinks about Pallavi’s initiative to give her a chance. She determines to reach Pallavi’s expectations and to become the best Bahu ever. Though, it will be exciting to watch if Prachi succeeds in securing a place in the family members’ hearts. In the next scene, Tanu meets Pragya. The latter offers her a deal. Tanu exclaims that she has arrived to make a deal with Pragya. Tanu Surprises Pragya by saying she has put Abhi on Sale.

Pragya gets shocked. Tanu moves towards Pragya and gives her a document where Abhi’s picture was pasted. She asks Pragya to go through the papers thoroughly and then decide if she is interested in this deal. Pragya just stands stunned at her place and looks at her. She couldn’t believe that Tanu could stoop this low. Later, Tanu declares that Abhi is on sale. She asks Pragya to pay the required money if she wants to get her husband back. She adds that this said deal will prevent her from the loss.

Pragya gets angry at Tanu and lectures her on how she is not doing the right thing. Tanu listens to her lectures and shows no signs of regret. She says that she wants to become rich by selling off this useless Abhi as he is of no use. Now, the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show what will be the answer of Pragya? Will she accept the shocking deal and let Tanu succeed or another twist will get introduced in Zee TV’s show. Watch the serial at 9 PM on the aforementioned channel and keep following our site for more written episodes and updates of the popular daily soap.


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