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Kumkum Bhagya Written Update Today’s Episode 12th Dec 2022 Vikram Begs Ranbir


Vikram informs Ranbir at the beginning of the Kumkum Bhagya episode that his Kundali contains a dosh. Dosh, according to Ranbir, is in my family; you used to adore me when I was a child, but you don’t know, so I do this to get your love and attention. Pallavi lightly strikes him. I have a mark on my hand, according to Ranbir. Pallavi claims I struck gently. There isn’t a mark, claims Vikram. Ranbir claims to be love-blind and wants Shahana to confirm. Shahana will lie, claims Pallavi. Check the further story of the Zee TV serial in the article below.

Kumkum Bhagya 9th December 2022 Written Update Episode

Dida asks Pallavi to control her hand after claiming a mark had appeared on Ranbir’s hand. After leaving the hospital, Vikram begs Ranbir to join the gym while making fun of Pallavi. Ranbir claims to enjoy his dysfunctional family. When the doctor arrives, he orders them to leave so that Ranbir can rest. Just two minutes, Dida says. Assuring them that he is alright, the doctor asks them to proceed to the waiting area. Take care of Ranbir, Pallavi urges, adding, “I can’t thank you enough for saving my son.” The doctor requests that she thank Prachi.

He claims that whatever she performed today was something he had never seen or heard of before. Although he seems to be reluctant to admit it, his heart actually began to beat as Prachi held Ranbir’s hand. He previously stated that it was eye-opening to really bring him here and hospitalize him. He claims that we wouldn’t have been able to save him if it had been even a little late. He claims that as of right now, love is the only force that has any power. To leave, he requests of them.

All of them depart. What is he thinking, the doctor asks Ranbir. Ranbir claims he is considering how fortunate he is to have her. The ward welcomes Prachi. Vikram inquires as to why she is angry. Rhea was just sleepy, adds Prachi, recalling their quarrel. Vikram tells her to take a nap. Prachi says I’ll administer the medication. Pallavi asks her to go. Prachi enters and administers medication to the physician. Where is Rhea, Pallavi wonders? Ranbir is questioned by Prachi about his smile and told to look elsewhere. Keep following Social Telecast for more written updates on Kumkum Bhagya and the latest and trending news. Stay tuned with us!


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