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Kundali Bhagya 14th September 2022 Episode Written Update: Kavya Goes Missing


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Rishab places the birth certificate in the file before he closes the side table. Later, he notices that someone is hiding behind the curtain. Prithvi gets scared thinking Rishab is walking toward him and that he will get exposed. Rishab is about to open it when Preeta comes running toward him. She tells him that Kavya is missing and that she is unable to find him. Preeta added that she called her from Rakhi’s mobile but she did not answer.

Kundali Bhagya

Taking Preeta’s condition into consideration, Rishab asks her to relax. She asks Rishab how can she remain calm when she is her daughter is in trouble. Rishab reminds her that he is also the father of Kavya and that cares for her. He says that he feels hurt that she thinks only she is her mother and he does not care about her. Rishab promises Preeta that he will always be there for his daughter and will help her even he dies. After saying that, he leaves. Preeta follows him too. Prithvi happens to have listened to their entire conversation.

Arjun tries to clarify what he meant when Bi Jee warns him not to even think of lying as she would surely catch him. Bi jee says they do not know that Prithvi tried to harm this family when Karan died and Preeta was about to get married to Rishab, and she describes how he tried to marry Preeta forcibly after tying her hands. Anjali tries to explain that they do not know anything about him, but Arjun asserts that they do. Preeta gets angry at him and slapped him. Arjun says that he is aware of her slap as she did the same to him.

Bi Jee then apologizes to Arjun for her behaviour and tells him that Preeta is a very nice girl. Arjun asks Bi Jee not to apologize and it is okay. On another side, Rishab and Preeta search for Kavya. They can not find her anywhere and get worried. Rakhi comes and asks them why are they tensed. Preeta tells her that she has searched the whole house and has not found her. Rakhi thinks hard and says that she wanted to play a game. Preeta says that she does not where has she gone. Here, Rishab searches for Kavya and even calls Ganesh. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more updates.


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