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Kundali Bhagya 15th September 2021 Written Update & Episode Sarla standing closer to Preeta


Kumkum Bhagya’s makers are making the show more dramatic and no doubt that it is becoming the centre of attraction for the audience. Well, the latest episode of the show begins with, Sarla standing closer to Preeta and suggesting she not be stubborn and listen to everything that her elders are saying. Preeta replies her saying that she has been taught herself and she always is ready to help no matter whom she is going to help so she is better to be quiet instead of teaching her.

Kundali Bhagya 15 9 2021

Rakhi comes to her and asks if she will leave them after getting healthy, Preeta replies that she thinks so. Meanwhile, Sarla gets worried thinking that what would happen if her thoughts come true. On the same night, Preeta goes to Sonakshi’s room and helps her to set the bed and then hands over her mobile to her. Sonakshi gets shocked thinking that how did she get her mobile. She asks Preeta that from where she got it, Preeta replies that she found her mobile broken at the accident spot and she got the mobile repaired. Sonakshi thinks in herself that she always considers Preeta as a sister by words but today she proved that she really cares about her as a sister.

She looks at her while Preeta leaves the room saying if she really wants to be well quickly then she has to stop crying first. There, Sherlin sees Sonakshi and thinks that she has to find the real reason that Sonakshi entered her house. She goes towards her and tells her that she will be always here if she needs anything. Sonakshi, replies that she does not need her help and she is fine so she can leave now. She also looks at the nurse and says that she can leave as soon she will be fine. The nurse replies that she will leave if her doctor orders.

Tonight you will also watch, Preeta is with Karan and Pihu and there she tries to teach Pihu to pronounce the name of Rishab Luthra, Karan asks her why she is teaching her about the name, Preeta tells him that he is her elder brother so she should know how to pronounce his name. Meanwhile, Pihu asks her why does she not have any real elder brother. The episode ends with some drama so don’t forget to hit your screens tonight at the right time, till then stay tuned with us to read more spoiler alerts.


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