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Kundali Bhagya 16th August 2021 Written Episode: Sherlyn Plans To Take Revenge On Preeta


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Archala tells Kareena about Sonakshi. She says that the latter loves Karan which shocks Kareena. Archala covers by saying she loves both Preeta and Karan as Karan is her college friend while Preeta has also gotten closer to her. Archala adds that Sonakshi respects the couple and even though it’s her marriage today, she is worried about them. She says that Sonakshi takes care of them like Shrishti and treats Preeta like her sister. Kareena smiles and says that everyone is pleased to know about Preeta being pregnant and they are taking care of her.

On another side, Preeta feels relieved after seeing Karan accepting the truth. She had told him about her not being pregnant and had expected him to get shattered but surprisingly, Karan has controlled him and handled the situation well. They decide to reveal the truth to the family to get the burden off their chest. Karan says that they should wait until the wedding of Sonakshi takes place and suggests visiting Dr. Aanchal to ask her opinion about the matter. Sonakshi talks to Aanchal and asks her to help her with Preeta’s pregnancy issue and even asks her to keep this a secret. Aanchal agrees.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Sonakshi goes to Preeta and asks her to visit Dr. Aanchal. Karan and Preeta feel happy seeing Sonakshi’s support and thank her. Here, Prithvi and Sherlyn talk. Prithvi informs Sherlyn that he thinks Preeta is not pregnant and he is confirmed after witnessing the suspicious behavior of the pair. Prithvi calls Karan stupid for not revealing the truth when he is fully aware of Preeta’s fake pregnancy. Sherlyn asks Prithvi to help her getting the reports as she wants to take revenge on Preeta.

Meanwhile, Archala tells Kareena that Sonakshi seems not so serious about her marriage. She says that Sonakshi is absent from the room and it worries her thinking when she will get ready as it’s her wedding today. While Sonakshi is seen visiting Dr. Aanchal’s clinic along with Preeta and Karan. Kareena worriedly phones Preeta. The latter tells her that she is in the clinic with Sonakshi and Karan. Kareena gets worried and asks if she is fine. Karan takes the phone and tells Kareena that he took Preeta for a normal checkup. Here, Sarla leaves for Lonavala. Read Kundali Bhagya’s latest written episode and update on our social telecast.


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