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Kundali Bhagya 24th August 2021 Written Episode: Preeta Gets Shattered


Kundali Bhagya’s today’s episode starts with Sonakshi as she thinks that she wanted her past life to remain in the past only but she wasn’t aware that it would crawl to the present and ruin her happy life. Sonakshi thinks that she had thought to invite all of her friends in her marriage as it’s the most special moment of her life but now everything has gotten ruined. She thinks that Karan was not at fault and that she should apologize to Preeta for dragging them in her personal life.

Here, Rajat accuses Sonakshi of being characterless and feels relieved that he didn’t get married to her, or else his family must have been humiliated. Karan gets angry and asks Rajat to remain quiet as they have heard enough. Chacha Ji supports Rajat and says that they were really fortunate that this wedding didn’t happen. Archala thinks to suggests Preeta not believing everyone with a blind eye and that it could cause problems in her own life. Yashvardhan says that he had asked Sonakshi to disclose the name of her unborn child but she avoided him.

kundali bhagya Written Episode

Yashvardhan says if he had known about Karan being the father, he would have gotten them married. Here, Karan notices that Preeta is tensed. He goes to her but Preeta asks him to pack his bags as they should head to Mumbai. She commands Shrishti to put the bags in the car and tells her that they are leaving for Mumbai. On another side, Sarla wakes up from her sleep and gets tensed thinking of Preeta. She notices that Diya inside the Mandir is not burning which makes her worried about Preeta even more. In the next scene, The Luthra family reaches Mumbai. Ganesh welcomes them and states that he has prepared delicious dishes for them.

Preeta doesn’t stay there and rushes to her room. Karan also follows her. Rakhi and Dadi worry about Preeta as the latter is pregnant and has to face such things at this time. Kareena says that she regrets going to Sonakshi’s wedding as it caused trouble in their lives. Mahesh comes and asks Rakhi to visit Karan and Preeta’s room but Dadi asks her not to as they are husband and wife and should know how to sort things. Here, Preeta locks herself fin the bathroom and starts crying. Karan gets upset. Follow for more Kundali Bhagya written updates.


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