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Kundali Bhagya 24th September 2021 Episode Written Update Rakhi standing with Pandit Ji


The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya will continue to its drama, show begins with, Rakhi standing with Pandit Ji who says her to call everyone now for the Poojan. Rakhi goes and calls everyone right there. Rakhi calls Rishabh by his name while Preeta asks her why she calling him by his name because he is elder than her so she should call him with respect but calling with name does not show respect. Rishabh tells Preeta not to worry because there is nothing like elder and younger between them since they became friends.

Kundali Bhagya rakhi

On the other side, Sherlin walks towards the band and bumps into them once again. All the musicians suggest,  she should not fight with her husband as he is her life partner and she should not be angry at him all the time. There, Sonakshi enters the same rooms where Sarla is already tying up. She rushes to her father and tells him that whatever he was saying was right and she was also thinking that she is getting closers to Karan but now they have to get some plan B because it is not the right way. Meanwhile, Preeta enters the room too, Sarla calls her name but Preeta can’t hear her voice however, she steps closer to Sarla but then she thinks that she must be sitting in the pooja and steps back.

Kundali Bhagya 24th September

There, the boss looks on at the family along with his crew. He then tells them that they have to arrange all the boxes before Mahesh Luthra sees them. He says, is going to do something so he will be distracting the entire family and they will end their work. Preeta steps towards Dadi and tells her that she was looking for Sarla but she did not find her. Karina there says that they can’t start the pooja because of her mother’s absence, Preeta replies that she looked everywhere and she even called her so many times but she didn’t pick that up.

Rakhi then says her to come and stand along with Karan, everyone does the Aarti. Preeta and Karan then come at last along with Pihu and perform the last ritual. Karan and Preeta then distribute sweets among all. Suddenly someone fires the bullet to stop all the people from leaving the house so that they can check those boxes. To know what happened next stay tuned with us and watch the show tonight at the right time.


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