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Kundali Bhagya 4th August 2021 Written Episode: Shrishti Suspects Rajat’s Family


Previously in Kundali Bhagya, it was shown that Janki and Shrishti fooled Sarla and reached Lonawala to meet Preeta. Today’s episode starts with Ananya telling Sameer how much she likes him. The latter smiles and asks how could she like him when they don’t even know much about each other. Ananya asks if he has a girlfriend to which Sameer says that he would like to say that his relationship is rather complicated. Meanwhile, Shrishti arrives there and listens to their conversation. She doesn’t say anything and just angrily leaves from there. Sameer goes behind her.

Ananya understands that Shrishti is his complicated chapter. She tells Sameer that he doesn’t need to worry as she will try to help them getting together. Sameer gets shocked. Ananya continues that she will make sure that Shrishti proposes to him first. Sameer says that it’s nearly impossible but Ananya asks him to wait till the Mehndi function begins. Here, Preeta comes to know about Janki and Shrishti’s arrival. Preeta gets excited hearing the news and gets excited to meet the duo.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Karan scolds Sonakshi for running the surprise plan. Sonakshi appreciates Shrishti and says that she went against Karan and supported her. It came as a surprise to Preeta knowing Shrishti went against Karan just to stand by Sonakshi’s side. In the next scene, Janki comes to Preeta and pulls her into a hug. Preeta tells her that she is pleased to meet them and asks about Sarla calling her and telling her that Shrishti and Janki left the house. Janki tells her how they tricked Sarla by leaving a letter behind as they wanted to meet her.

On another side, the dance rehearsals begin. Karan and Preeta dance together. Rakhi watches them and scolds Preeta for not listening to her as she had told her to take a rest. Preeta says that if continued taking a rest, she will feel like she has fallen ill but Rakhi asks her to take proper care of her. Rakhi notices Shrishti and Janki and gets shocked. Shrishti asks Rakhi to sold Preeta more as she never gets scolded.

Sherlyn witnesses the entire scene. Shrishti searches the room while Rajat’s mother tells Rajat’s uncle that they should not tell anything to anyone and let the marriage ceremony take place peacefully. Shrishti overhears their conversation and thinks that they are up to something. She calls Sameer and tells him that she needs to have a conversation about something so she wants to meet him.


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