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Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2021 Written Episode: Preeta & Karan Adopt Pihu


Today’s latest written episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with the officials of the orphanage as they ask Preeta and Karan to complete the process of adoption. They further ask the duo to visit NGO where they can go through all the procedures at once. Karan and Preeta seem happy as they sign the documents of the adoption. Karan tells the NGO lady that they will soon visit there and will go through the further procedure. Here. the lady looks at Pihu happily and says that she didn’t have any parents before but from now on, she will have her parents.

Pihu smiles widely and runs towards Preeta and Karan. She accepts the pair as their parents making Rakhi, and other members feel happy. They wish the duo a happy life ahead. Rakhi, Bani, and Kareena wish Preeta good luck for her beginning of motherhood. Apart from everyone’s happy faces, Sherlyn stands in a corner. She fumes in anger as she finds it hard to digest the pair’s happiness. The scene also gave a hint about the upcoming episode where Sherlyn might attempt to harm Pihu so that she can prove that Preeta is an irresponsible mother.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

In the next scene, Pihu enters Mahesh’s room as her ball goes rolls over there. She asks him to give her the ball. Mahesh asks about her. Meanwhile, Mahesh begins to feel sick. Pihu immediately holds him firmly. Mahesh gets happy and thanks to the little girl for showing concern towards him. Pihu asks Mahesh how can she go downstairs. Mahesh helps her and they both come downstairs. The family gets happy seeing Mahesh finally leaving his room and coming down. Rakhi says that she feels Krishna has arrived in their house in the form of Pihu.

Here, Preeta and Karan don’t waste any time and quickly complete the adoption procedure. The orphanage lady tells them that they are really fortunate as Pihu is a very lovely girl. On another hand, Mahesh comes to know about Karan and Preeta adopting Pihu. He couldn’t believe that the pair will finally become parents. Pihu addresses Mahesh as a Dada making the latter quite emotional. Ahead, Rakhi and Sameer plan to disclose the happening news to Sarla as well. However, they firstly tell Sarla about Preeta’s medical reports that had not come in her favor. Sarla gets shattered while Mahesh also feels sick. Later, they tell them about Pihu. For the more written updates of Kundali Bhagya, stick to our site.


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