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Kundali Bhagya 8th Sept 2021 Written Episode: Srishti Shows Her Love Towards Pihu


The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with, Shrishti considering herself as an aunt to Pihu because she is the younger sister of her mother. Pihu replies that she does not like her, she comes closer to her and asks that why she does not like her. Pihu replies that as she did not dress up like Radha so… Srishti replies that she does not have that attire to look like Radha so how can she be like her. She also says that one reason is she is out of clothes for that sacred role and another thing is she does not have anyone who can be her Krishna as Preeta is having Karan.

Pihu looks around and she sees Sameer standing next to her, she goes and brings him there saying that he will be Srishti’s Krishna for the night. Srishti smiles but continues to say that she does not have clothes while Kritika comes there and says her not to be worried as she will do the arrangements for everything, she takes Srishti with her. Then Pihu goes to Preeta to feed her. Meanwhile, Sarla goes with Karan to stand together. Dadi announces that from today everything will happen as per Pihu’s choice. Sarla gets happy seeing smiles on every single face and she prays that no one will leave the house now. Rakhi assures that nothing is going to happen wrong from now and it was all happened because of Kareena as she suggested, they should adopt a child. Kareena says that despite knowing that people think she is not a good human being she knows that is the best for her family, Sarla smiles seeing her.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Srishti comes back with Kritika, Pihu screams seeing her “my Radha has come” she goes to her and adores her. Srishti also shows her love towards Pihu, after Srishti Sameer comes as well dressed up as Krishna. Pihu runs towards Sherlin and says her to play the song, Dadi comes and tells Pihu that Sherlin is her aunt so she should call her aunt and that will sound prettier.

In the last scene, you will watch, Pihu sleeping with Preeta on her bed. Karan comes there and asks her that what happened to Pihu as she came to sleep with her. Preeta replies that Pihu is comfortable with her so she came. Karan insists on her leaving Pihu aside as she has slept and he wants her to sleep with him. Pihu opens her eyes and statues both saying tonight she will sleep between them. Karan requests Preeta not to fight this night as Pihu is with them. She replies that he is the one to begin a tiff every time. The episode ends, stay tuned to read more episode updates.


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