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Kundali Bhagya 9th Sept 2021 Written Episode: Sonakshi Claims being Pihu’s Mother


In today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, the fans will witness a high-voltage drama. Ever since the marriage Drama at Sonakshi’s wedding happened, the serial has become quite engaging. The latest episode of the Zee TV serial starts with Sonakshi entering Luthra’s house again. Undoubtedly, her entry has always brought twists and turns in the show. Well, this time, she will bring a huge storm that will affect not just Preeta and Karan but the entire Luthra family. Tonight Luthras gets shocked seeing Sonakshi at their doorstep as the latter had left for London.

It was shown that Sonakshi had stated that she will leave India forever but her sudden entry has raised questions. The family doesn’t understand the reason for her arrival. They ask her to leave right away as they don’t even want to see her face. Sonakshi says that she has not come here to just leave as she wants everyone to meet her daughter. Everyone gets stunned and looks at one another’s faces. Kareena asks Sonakshi not to trouble the family anymore and to stop her nonsense. Kareena adds that everyone knows that she gave birth to a daughter and that she passed away.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode

Kareena asks Sonakshi not to lie as her father had told everything to her and that they have already witnessed drama at her wedding. She requests her to think about her own self-respect and let the family live in peace either. However, Sonakshi doesn’t get affected and continues to stand there. She says that she will not leave until she tells them about her daughter. Kareena gets angry and asks her to leave and not reveal anything. Sonakshi loses her calm as well and announces that Pihu is her daughter. Kareena looks disappointed while Sonakshi on another side feels relieved.

Luthra’s family doesn’t believe what Sonakshi just said. It is really shocking to learn that the girl they adopted via Kareena’s friend who works in an NGO is no other than Sonakshi’s daughter. However, it looks that Kareena already knew about the truth and trying to stop Sonakshi from disclosing it to the family. Here, Preeta and Karan get heartbroken as the thought of getting separated from their newly adopted child is scaring them. They are still shocked and wondering if Sonakshi is actually speaking the truth or it’s another conspiracy against them. Did Kareena intentionally suggest the pair adopting Pihu? Watch in Kundali Bhagya at 9 PM.


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