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Kundali Bhagya Today’s Episode 13th August 2022 Written Update: Taapsee Brings News For Preeta


Zee TV’s serial Kundali Bhagya has been entertaining the viewers for a very long time. Today’s episode starts with Sameer informing Rishab that she is coming. Rishab calls Shrishti and tells her about her arrival. The latter gets confused and asks him why is he so shy about it. He tells her that she is his crush. You might be wondering who is this woman everyone is talking about. Well, she is a popular Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu. Later, in the scene, Rishab rushes to Taapsee and asks her if she faced any problem reaching.

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Taapsee sweetly replies that she did not find any difficulty and adds that she had to come as they invited her with so much love. Rishab then introduces his entire family to Taapsee. Meanwhile, Preeta sees Taapsee and walks toward her. However, she stumbles into Arjun. Taapsee thinks that they are a couple and compliments them. She says that they both make a great couple. Rishab tells her that she is misunderstanding as they are not a couple.

Taaspee realizes her mistake and apologizes for it. Later, Anjali comes and announces that the cake is ready and asks everyone to come. In the next scene, Taapsee bumps into Prithvi who is wearing a disguise. Meanwhile, lights flicker, and Prithvi uses the opportunity and runs away. Here, Taapsee gets a notification on her phone while Mahesh instructs Ganesh to check what is happening.

Further, Taapsee tells Preeta that she just got the message that the storm will bring a change in someone’s life and adds that the incidents that have happened in the past are likely to reoccur. It might be a coincidence or the work of the universe too.¬†Taapsee further tells Preeta that she feels that someone would enter Preeta’s life and asks her not to mind her. Here, Rishab calls Taapsee and Preeta and asks them to join them in the cake cutting.

Rishab and Preeta cut their anniversary cake while Arjun feels annoyed seeing them happy. Later, Arjun confronts Preeta and asks her about Rishab. The latter asks him if he thinks she is interested in talking to him. Here, Preeta thinks about how Bijee asked her to not show her affection for Rishab in front of everyone or else people would think otherwise. Keep reading Kundali Bhagya’s written updates on our site and get all the latest and trending news here too.


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