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Kundali Bhagya Update: Sherlyn Gets Jealous Of Preeta Written Episode 9th August 2021


Today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Prithvi losing self-control after seeing Preeta. As everyone knows that he is head over heels for Preeta and even though he is about to get married to Kritika and has Sherlyn as a girlfriend, he falls in love with Preeta every time he sees her. Here, Prithvi finds unable to take his eyes off Preeta as the latter looks stunning in a white glittering Saree. He goes towards her as if he has gotten hypnotised. Preeta was dancing on the beats of the drum.

Kundali Bhagya

While staring deeply at Preeta, Prithvi holds her hand and pulls her closer. He begins to dance with her and forget that everyone at the function is watching him. Prithvi also misses noticing Sherlyn and Kritika staring at him with all the jealousy. Meanwhile, Preeta notices that Prithvi held her hands and asks him to let go of her hands. Prithvi pretends that he didn’t listen due to the loud beats coming from the drums. Preeta gets annoyed and steps on her shoes with her heels. Prithvi loses her hands and cries in pain. Preeta takes the chance and goes from there.

Here, Prithvi smiles knowing that his Preeta is not pregnant. He dreams of Karan kicking Preeta out of the house after finding out the truth. While he was lost in his daydream, Sherlyn confronts Prithvi. She gets angry at him for always getting attracted to Preeta and continues to lecture him. On another hand, Kritika calls Prithvi and wonders where he could be as his phone is not getting connected. She looks for Prithvi around the house. Shrishti asks Kritika who is she looking for. She tells her that she doesn’t find Prithvi and is looking for him.

Meanwhile, Srikant sees Prithvi and goes to tell Kritika that he saw him heading towards a particular room. Kritika says that it’s Sherlyn’s room and goes with Shrishti to find him there but they find the room vacant. Luckily, Sherlyn and Prithvi get saved again. Here, Preeta suggests Rajat not to think much about Shrishti’s allegations. Shrishti interrupts and says that she wants to know the secret of Rajat. Preeta asks her not to create trouble. Whereas, Karan supports Shrishti and asks Rajat to reveal the secret. Rajat says that the secret is that he is in love with Sonakshi for consecutive three years. Kundali Bhagya gets telecasted on Zee TV at 9:30 PM. Follow for more updates.


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