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Kundali Bhagya Written Episode 14th Dec 2022 Update: Rishab Worries About His Family


It is no doubt to say that the ongoing serial of Zee TV, Kundali Bhagya, has been gaining the attention of fans ever since its premiere. It has become one of the most-watched shows right now. Fans always remain eager to know what happens in the upcoming episode. Here, in this article, check out the latest written update of 14th December 2022. It starts with Arjun. After throwing his towel on the bed after exiting the restroom, Arjun begins looking for something. When Anjali enters, she asks if he will answer her questions.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode 14th Dec 2022 Update Rishab Worries About His Family

When she questions why they needed to issue the open challenge when all of their plans have succeeded, Arjun responds that he has promised to fight from the front and that it is now up to her to decide whether or not she will stand by him. Anjali then explains how he dared to make such a significant decision without even asking her. Anjali consents to go with her. He says he will make Preeta realize that their wedding day is approaching, she will suffer the same fate as he did, and then he will make Rishab feel the pain of defeat.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update

When Anjali asks why he is looking at the photo, he replies that he is checking the calendar because his seven days begin today and nothing can stop him from fulfilling his desires. He says he will make Rishab feel the pain of defeat. Standing in the Luthra Mansion, Rishab recalls all the interactions they had with Arjun, who declared they were both unsuitable parents for Kavya and even shielded her from an accident when it appeared she was about to occur. When Preeta jee voiced her concerns about Arjun, Rishab considers that he was not yet ready to accept the reality.

Rishab promises to prevent Arjun from hurting Preeta Jee. Arjun knocks on Anjali’s door and inquires as to if she phoned the media and who will be traveling to the hospital. She replies by asking what he is planning to do. According to Arjun, they frequently become overworked and dependent on their place of business if it is accidentally damaged.

According to Arjun, people work hard to earn respect, and even when they lose, they only care about their reputation. Arjun goes stating that his goal is to undermine his business empire and damage the reputation he has built. Rishab is busy inspecting the company files when Mahesh and Sameer arrive wondering what occurred. Rishab tells them he doesn’t want any form of trouble and doesn’t want anyone to have a chance to question them. Follow Social Telecast for more updates.


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