Home Entertainment Kundali Bhagya Written Episode 5th August 2021 Update: Sherlyn Gets Kidnapped

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode 5th August 2021 Update: Sherlyn Gets Kidnapped


The upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya will begin where Sherlyn and Prithvi make a conspiracy to explode the LPG cylinder, because of which Preeta will get burn not died, and when the doctor will arrive he will reveal her truth for sure. Because Sherlyn already knows that Preeta is not pregnant, therefore she enters the kitchen and opens the regulator. Meanwhile, she sprays room freshener so that, no one can inhale gas smell and her plan will get successful. Then she comes outside and wants to send Preeta for making “Kaada”.

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Then Sonakshi asks Sherlyn about Preeta because she wants to see her mehndi design but she stops her by saying that she is not here. Meanwhile assures that she will come soon then she can see her Mehndi design, at the same time, Kareena Humiliates Shrishti for coming without invitation. But Archala informs her that she likes Srishti a lot especially her jolly nature because wherever she goes she brings happiness always. Srishti thanks her for praising but Kareena still, does not like Srishti and leaves her with a warning. Meantime Archla says that she wants to see Sonakshi and Rajat Happy no matter what happens.

After that, she unleashes whether it is their arrange marriage but despite this, it is very important to have love between them because they have to spend their whole life together. Later, Preeta enters the kitchen and is about to make Kada but spontaneously she gets Sonakshi’s call and leaves the lieter. But at the same time, Sonakshi arrives in the kitchen to show her clothes to Preeta, and when Preeta lights the gas burner. The entire kitchen catches the fire and both get scared, meantime, Sonakshi closes the main area of the gas and makes Preeta alert that someone is trying to hurt her.

Another side, Prithvi kidnaps Sherlyn and takes her into her room for talking but Kareena gets doubts that something is fishy here which is inappropriate. At the same time, She insults Janki too and both get into an argument, but  Sonakshi is checking the Burning injuries of Preeta. Because she is worried about her as Srishti and Preeta get happy to see such a nice gesture of Sonakshi. Preeta says that Rajat and his family are too blessed to have Sonakshi as their daughter-in-law to be. But Sonakshi asks Preeta to think deeply about the person who wants to hurt her, so do not miss to watch it on Zee TV at 09:30 PM and for more details connect with us.


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